St. Philip Neri School takes pride in being a school community that welcomes the gifts and talents of so many individuals. An investment of your time and talent is critical to the success of our school! We invite you to volunteer for various events and activities that serve the students and build community amongst one another.

All volunteers are required to complete VIRTUS training and screening.


Thank you for your interest in serving as a volunteer at St. Philip Neri School. The Archdiocese of Baltimore and St. Philip Neri School are committed to providing a safe environment for children and youth. We will exclude from ministry, employment and volunteer service anyone against whom there is a credible allegation of child abuse. All parents and volunteers who will have contact with children at the school must be fully VIRTUS-certified before their arrival to visit, volunteer, or chaperone. The requirements for becoming VIRTUS-certified are provided below.

New training procedures were established by the Archdiocese of Baltimore in August 2014. For new volunteers, the following steps must be successfully completed before volunteer service can take place.

A.  Visit virtusonline.org to complete the following:

  • Create a user account as a St. Philip Neri School Volunteer (note: when prompted to select Primary Position, choose “Substantial contact with children” from the drop-down menu.)
  • Complete Application for Volunteer Service.
  • Complete Criminal History Screening Form
  • Complete Part 1 & Part 2 of the “Protect Children – STAND” course.
  • Read “Code of Conduct for Church Personnel.”
  • Read “A Statement of Policy for the Protection of Children and Youth.”

B.  Please make sure you provide all requested information, including email addresses, for your references. After you have completed the application online, please submit your certificate to Mrs. Rachel Bruggy, VIRTUS Coordinator, at St. Philip Neri School or by email [email protected].

Previously STAND-Certified Volunteers

If you received your STAND training in 2009 or earlier, you are required to complete the new training, as described above. If you were trained in 2010 or thereafter, you will not be required to complete the new training until your certification expires (5 years after your original certification date). You will also be asked whether or not you have had a background screening done within the past five years and will be asked for the date of your last screening. If you do not remember the date, please call Mrs. Bruggy, and she will provide you with that date as it is required. Please contact Mrs. Bruggy with any questions.

For Teen Volunteers (Ages 14-17) “Worthy of the Call” Certification

Teen volunteers who wish to complete service hours at St. Philip Neri School or visit school while in session are required to complete “Worthy of the Call” Certification. For information about this process, please contact Mrs. Rachel Bruggy at 410-859-1212 ext. 2101 or email her at [email protected].

If you have a student currently enrolled at St. Philip Neri School, please see our Parent Volunteering page.

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