St. Philip Neri School follows the Course of Study developed by the Archdiocese of Baltimore. The Course of Study is predicated upon content standards promulgated by national organizations of experts in various disciplines and is woven within the Archdiocese standards.

St. Philip Neri educates the students in reading, language arts, math, science, social studies, Spanish, computers, physical education, art, music, and library skills.

Religious instruction centers on providing the student with opportunities to experience God’s love through prayer, scripture, sacraments, and love of neighbor. In addition, the family life program is offered to students in kindergarten through eighth grade. Students also prepare to receive their sacraments which is coordinated with the parish.

St. Philip Neri School is also accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) through June 2015. In accordance with standards set by the Archdiocese of Baltimore, St. Philip Neri met the requirements established by the AdvancED Accreditation Commission and Board of Trustees and was thereby accredited by the SACS Council on Accreditation and School Improvement.

St. Philip Neri Catholic School Early Education Program:
Our preschool program uses a multi-sensory hands-on learning approach to teach fine motor schools and provide opportunities for our students to interact, explore, and relate successfully to his or her environment. To learn more about our Early Education Program please visit the Early Education Curriculum Page.

Early Education
St. Philip Neri Catholic School Elementary Program:
The Elementary School consists of students in grades K through 5. Our curriculum is designed to prepare our students to be Catholic, College, and Career Ready. Each course of study helps our students to foster their Catholic identity and shape them into models of Christian living. Learn more about our Elementary Program by clicking the button below.

Elementary School
St. Philip Neri Catholic School Middle School Program:
The Middle School program at St. Philip Neri Catholic School is designed to enhance their academic foundation, and prepare our students for the challenges of High School. Learn more about our Middle School program by clicking on the button below. 

Middle School
Student Performance:
Student performance is based on more than just standardized test schools at St. Philip Neri Catholic School. Factors such as their academic growth, spiritual growth, and High School attended are a testament to our students performances and what they have achieved during their time here at the school. Learn more about our student performance by clicking on the button below. 

Student Performance
St. Philip Neri Catholic School is proud to implement technology into every phase of our Catholic School curriculum. Explore how technology is integrated into the school by visiting the technology page.

Signature Programs:
In addition to our Catholic School Curriculum, St. Philip Neri Catholic School offers signature programs designed to enhance the overall learning and growth of our students. Explore our signature programs by visiting the signature programs page. 

Signature Programs
Academic Enrichment:
The academic enrichment program at St. Philip Neri Catholic School is for both students who needed additional support and those who are looking to further challenge themselves. Learn more about our enrichment program by visiting the Academic Enrichment Page. 

Academic Enrichment
Student Services:
St. Philip Neri Catholic School Student Service program is designed to support the mental and physical health of our students. Learn more about our programs by visiting the student services page.

Student Services
Before & After School Extended Care:
For currently enrolled students & families, St. Philip Neri Catholic School provides a before & after school extended care program. These programs provide enrichment and fun activities for our students at school, and additional care for working families. Learn more about the extended care program by visiting the Before & After School Extended Care Page. 

Before & After School Care