We love our school – not just because of our highly accredited curriculum or all of the many activities that shape young minds and bodies!  What we really love is that we can shape their soul as well. We are trying to form young disciples of Jesus Christ, and to equip them with the basic tools they will need in the future to serve others. We have enclosed more information on how we, at St. Philip Neri, promote nourishing the SOUL, MIND and BODY!

In order for us to continue to NOURISH THE SOUL we have many programs established to keep us focused on the Lord.

NOVEMBER 11, 2023 from 9 AM to 2 PM

Parish Eucharistic Retreat / Retro Eucaristico Parroquial

 All are Welcome / Todos so bienvenidos

We invite all SPN School families to attend this upcoming parish retreat!  The Retreat is FREE! Lunch will be provided.

The day will start with a Mass and Benediction followed by a talk (English track and Spanish track) along with discussion.  Lunch will be served.  The day will end with one more talk (English track and Spanish track) along with discussion.

For us to prepare better for this event we are requesting that attendees sign up: