Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

It is the ministry of Catholic educators to embody the faith in everything they do. They model and teach children how to form a personal relationship with Jesus and build a foundation for lifelong learning and discipleship. Meet our talented and dedicated faculty and staff!

* indicates SPN Alumnus

2023-2024 One-Page Faculty Listing



Father Andy Aaron Pastor 3102 [email protected]
Mrs. Kate Daley Principal 2100 [email protected]
Ms. Rebecca Burch* Assistant Principal 2100 [email protected]
Ms. Amy Sewell Admissions Director 2107 [email protected]
Mrs. Sue Wenzlick Development Director off-site [email protected]
Mrs. Theresa Wellein Business Manager 2102 [email protected]


Mrs. Susan Spitzer Teacher Pre-K A [email protected]
Mrs. Caryn Hamlin Teacher Pre-K A Aide [email protected]
Ms. Mia Tran Teacher Pre-K A Aide [email protected]
Mrs. Carmie Buckey Teacher Pre-K B [email protected]
Mrs. Jeannie Carpenter Teacher Pre-K B Aide [email protected]
Ms. Amanda Cosgrove* Teacher Pre-K B Aide [email protected]
Mrs. Sheri Massa Teacher KA [email protected]
Mrs. Marie Jordan Teacher KA Aide [email protected]
Ms. Karen Markiewicz Teacher KB [email protected]
Mrs. Rachel Bruggy Teacher KB Aide [email protected]
Mrs. Deborah Flynn Teacher 1A [email protected]
Mrs. Megan Hornberger* Teacher 1B [email protected]
Mrs. Melissa Johnson* Teacher 2A [email protected]
Mrs. Kaitlyn McCracken Teacher 2B [email protected]
Mrs. Catherine Feeley* Teacher 3A [email protected]
Mrs. Summer Montgomery Teacher 3B [email protected]
Mrs. Becky Berger Teacher 4A [email protected]
Mrs. Michelle Novak Teacher 4B [email protected]
Mrs. Jennifer Bowser Teacher 5A [email protected]
Ms. Carla Johnson Teacher 5B [email protected]
Mrs. Heather Horton Intermediate Aide [email protected]
Ms. Anna Schomaker Teacher 6A
Middle School Math & 6A SS
[email protected]
Mrs. Susan Naylor Teacher 6B
Middle School ELA
[email protected]
Ms. Susan DeLoach Teacher 7A
Spanish and 7th Grade Religion
[email protected]
Mrs. Sally Moran Teacher 7B
Middle School Science
[email protected]
Mr. Chris McGloin Teacher 8A
Middle School Math and 6A Religion
[email protected]
Mr. John Maranto Teacher 8B
MS SS and 8th Grade Religion
[email protected]
Ms. Megan Moxley Teacher – Middle School ELA and 6B SS [email protected]
Mrs. Andrea Dantinne Primary Aide [email protected]
Mrs. Jennifer MacRobbie* Art Teacher [email protected]
Mrs. Doreen Giordano Librarian [email protected]
Ms. Amy Sewell K-2 Music/Computers and Admissions Director [email protected]
Mr. Philip Lathroum 3-8 Music/Computers [email protected]
Mr. Matthew Pilkus* Educational Technology Assistant [email protected]
Mr. Travis Bateman Phys. Ed. Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Susan DeLoach Spanish (5-8) and Latin [email protected]
Mrs. Luz Garcia PreK to 4 Spanish Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Ellen Piwko Resource Teacher 2221 [email protected]
Mrs. Luz Morales Resource Teacher 2221 [email protected]
Mrs. Mary Ellen Gambogi Resource Teacher 2221 [email protected]
Mrs. Sue Porembski Counselor 2108 [email protected]

Support Staff

Mrs. Susan Frazier Secretary 2101 [email protected]
Mrs. Katie Spielman Office Assistant 2100 [email protected]
Mrs. Brandi Bush Health Room Coordinator 2103 [email protected]
Mrs. Carla Ratliff Daycare Director
667-289-7112 (cell)
2106 [email protected]
Mr. Joseph Mosmiller Maintenance 2110 [email protected]
Mrs. Sue Roberts Maintenance 2110 [email protected]
Mrs. Nancy Reed and Mrs. Theresa Novak Hot Lunch Directors 2225 [email protected]