Signature Programs

Signature Programs

St. Philip Neri Catholic School is proud to provide our students with programs that enhance their daily curriculum, and provide additional opportunities for academic growth. Here are the signature programs for the upcoming academic school year.

Alliance for Catholic Education – Partnership with University of Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame’s Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) sustains and strengthens under-resourced Catholic schools through leadership formation, research and professional service to ensure that all children, especially those from low-income families, have the opportunity to experience the gift of an excellent Catholic education.

iPad & Chromebooks Program

The hallmark of our technology program includes 200+ iPads and 90 chromebooks on campus including campus Wifi availability. The Technology Program at  St. Philip Neri School insures that our graduates are technically proficient and well-prepared for high school and beyond.

SPN Wellness Program

The SPN gym is open to students in grades 3-8 as soon as the school doors open. Students have the opportunity to complete 5 stations spending two minutes at each station. Students work in a group of four giving them the opportunity to be active, socialize, compete, and get stronger. Stations change periodically to develop new strengths and skills. Current stations include: jump rope, push ups, squats, Turkish get-ups, and wall ball/deadlift. Students have been taught each station in PE glass and understand the the number one goal of strength is to avoid injury, and the second goal is to get stronger. During stations we train strength because through strength we gain endurance, but not vice versa.