Instruction in School

Instruction in School

How will a typical day in school look like with all of these new protocols?

Student supply lists include all they will need for instruction in all areas, so there is no sharing of supplies or materials.  This includes the individual student iPad or Chromebook.

Students will be instructed in core subject areas daily.  These include math, language arts, science, social studies, and religion.

PE will take place outside or in a larger space, adhering to social distancing guidelines.

Desks will be distanced according to guidelines. When students travel to bathrooms or to go out for recess they will maintain space between them.  Desks are spaced about three feet apart.

What will classroom instruction look like?

Moving back into the school allows us to return to more “normal” instruction with the following considerations:

  • Minimal classroom movement for activities, board work, etc.
  • Centers/Daily 5 planned as individual exploration and learning.
  • Minimizing small group pull-outs.
  • Increased use of technology for individual use.
  • Supplies, texts, and materials for individual use.
  • Minimize number of “handout” distributions.
How will the students have breaks throughout the day?

Students will have breaks for handwashing and to go to a large/outdoor space.  These will be scheduled by the teacher.

Will the playground be available for use?

The playground will be used on a rotating basis.

How will students eat lunch during on campus instruction days?

Students will have lunch in the cafeteria, unless the teacher decides to let them eat outside.  There will be assigned seating so students are able to eat according to safe social distancing without a mask.  Students will bring lunch, snack, and beverage from home each day.  If ordering a hot lunch from Child Nutrition they will pick this up in the lunch room.

How will physical distancing guidelines be set forth and followed?

Physical distancing of 3 feet will be enforced on campus as much as possible  We are currently performing facility reviews to properly mark every classroom and shared space and proper physical distancing between students and teachers will occur throughout campus.

How will bathrooms configured to enable safe social distancing?

Bathrooms have been measured for safe physical distancing and appropriate occupancy will be communicated and monitored. We have installed touchless faucets and automatic flushers in the bathrooms to limit the touching of surfaces.