Health and Safety on Campus

Do we need to wear a mask?

The Maryland Coronavirus website tracks daily the average new cases per 100,000 person in the prior 7 days for all jurisdictions across the State of Maryland. All archdiocesan Catholic schools operating within a jurisdiction are to follow the case count for the county in which they are domiciled, even if students may live in a different jurisdiction. County transmission levels will be monitored daily and masking changes, if warranted, will be implemented at the of each school week. Families will be notified on Sunday evening of the school’s masking status.

What type of masks are permitted?

When we are required to wear of mask, a three layer cloth masks will be mandatory for all students and employees on campus. Bandanas, buffs, gators etc. are not permitted.  PPE is on hand for the nurse and any staff who will need to use it throughout the day.  Extra masks and gloves are available if required for all students and faculty who have not arrived on campus with PPE for their own use.

What Social Distancing practices have been put in place?

Volunteers or outside visitors in the building will need to follow all school social distancing and masking requirements in place on the day of the visit.

Social distancing guidelines will be in place according to CDC, and the AOB in the spacing of furniture and the movements of people in the building throughout the day.

Sanitization stations will be located throughout the building and in each classroom.